Friday, January 30, 2009

Here we go Cardinals, here we go!

TAMPA Florida – This Sunday, when the Cardinals take on the Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII, they’ll have two big challenges ahead of them: breaking the tough Pittsburgh secondary while still advising the current pope on major decisions.

Since being drafted out of the College of Cardinals, the team, which the pope can convoke to discuss substantive questions facing the church, has also risen to become NFC Champions. The Cardinals should look to put pressure Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger while still offering their advice to the pope through their membership in Vatican congregations or other departments of the Roman Curia.

On game day we’ll see the NFC Champs wearing their distinctive orange-tinged red cassock and biretta. During non-playoff games and ordinary liturgical rites they usually wear a red skullcap.

Although retired Cardinals such as Dan Dierdorf are neither eligible to play in Sunday’s game nor vote in a conclave to elect a new pope, they still are considered advisers to the pope, and they are invited to participate in the meetings of the College of Cardinals or in any post game celebrations.

(my special thanks to The Catholic News)

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