Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Name is Legion

The Daily Legion is a smutty tabloid news rag published by an ultra right-wing megalomaniac. (OK, boys and girls…let’s all say it together: Ru-pert Mur-doch). But Lennox Mark is his name and to make his character complete, author A.N. Wilson makes Mark a morbidly obese glutton.

Mark is obsessed with an Anglican monk who’s recently returned to London. Father Chell has been spending years organizing (sometimes un-peacefully) against a right-wing junta in Africa. All the while, Mark is being stalked by a deeply disturbed, possibly possessed young man who might be the son of either Mark or his nemesis, Father Chell.

This book’s a good one, kids. There’s violence, there’s sex in the sacristies, there’s gossipy lurid voyeurism as only the English can serve up. My Name is Legion is a thrilling jaunt served up by a master. I was amazed that this was the same A.N. Wilson who’d authored After the Victorians, a book I recall giving to my father two years ago last Christmas.

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