Sunday, February 15, 2009

Omon Ra

A few quick words for Omon Ra.

Victor Pelevin is among the contemporary authors trying to make sense of the shapeshifting world of modern Russian, often to the chagrin of the Putins and Medvedevs.

Pelevin is looking backwards here in Omon Ra, a satirical tale of a Cosmonaut sent to the Moon. His mission is to drive a lunar vehicle to a designated spot. This mission, however, is all Soviet smoke and mirrors and the idealistic Cosmonaut Omon must come to terms with his own existence amid the cardboard message of greatness masking the faux reality of his mission.


  1. I am going to immediately begin reading this one! As a public school teacher, I have always felt like a Cosmonaut on an trip ill-fated by design.

  2. All - my mother told me I phoned this post in...she's kind of right. I just felt the need to get a post out there. Apologies...