Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The People Speak!

Back in October I was lucky enough to get an article published in the Birmingham Post (UK, that is - not Alabama). The piece was about an American soccer fan’s viewpoint after attending one of the games of their beloved Birmingham City Football Club (you can read it here: http://www.birminghampost.net/midlands-birmingham-sport/west-midlands-sports/birmingham-city-fc/2008/10/27/american-gets-his-first-taste-of-soccer-the-birmingham-city-way-65233-22127034/).

A few months later I checked to see if it was still out there in cyberspace and amid my Googling, I noticed that the article had been posted up to the team’s official fan website via their fan forum.
It was then with trepidation that I then gazed down to the three dozen or so comments in the forum that followed. Most of them were quite complementary but here's a few of my favorites (I didn't change any spelling):

--Prooves yanks over exagerate or can't count. Only 17,000 at that game

I had gotten the attendance mixed up with the stadium's capacity...sorry. Then:

--"Oh great, now he's going to teach America thaat all Blues fans are fat with tattooed heads "
--"I know, it's terrible, not all of us have tattoos. "
--"They come over to this country they could at least say things properly!ITS FOOTBALL DAMMIT, NOT SOCCER "

But then people started sticking up for me:

--"Well...., The word "soccer" was actually first used in England as a slang term for Association Football "

--"I can't believe people on here having a sly dig at the guy. So what if he over egged things a bit. It's called journalistic license is all. What I see is a guy from a country the population of which didn't even know they were hosting the World Cup in 1994 spreading the word about our beloved Blues. If he ups the figures a bit, so what. He wasn't giving evidence at court was he FFS"

To be honest, I only used the word 'soccer' as the piece was originally written for an American paper.


  1. The people are tattooed yabboes. And they can't bloody spell.

  2. Go in an post a reply yourself... then sit back and watch the fireworks!

  3. I thought about it but the window of opportunity has passed. I doubt any of those guys would revisit this stream of commentary.