Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DC United

It is in homage to When Saturday Comes and their weekly WSC Howl, that I am embarking upon the "Major League Soccer Badge of the Week". Yes, I am one of maybe three or four people in these Fifty United States who follows American professional soccer. Upon seeing WSC's scathing analysis of the Columbus Crew badge, I felt the need to take care of the rest of the league myself. This will now be a weekly feature on Slimbo's Shelf.

DC United was one of the original MLS franchises. At the time, it was the only team to adopt a team name that sounded like an authentic footie club. In England, it would seem every third team carries the name ‘United’ after its city (Sheffield United, Manchester United, West Ham United – I could go on and on). But being Americans, we don’t share such things as team names, lest we pursue that other very American of pastimes – suing the bejesus out of one another. Also, why give a club a classy name like Tampa Bay Athletic Club, when you can call it Tampa Bay Mutiny?

So as MLS franchises have since gratefully ditched their earlier mascot names, opting for more authenticity as of late, DC United has stayed plain old DC United.

Of course, none of this explains why they’ve adopted this totalitarian looking black and red eagle badge. I can understand our nation’s capital taking to the eagle, but the black and red motif conjures the image of an extremist American regime that might take over in an Orwellian, post-apocalyptic world.

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