Tuesday, April 7, 2009

San Jose Earthquakes

At what point do we decide that a natural disaster is a good thing commemorate with a sports franchise? I would have thought after Hurricane Katrina that the University of Miami and the NHL franchise from Carolina would have opted for a name change. I was wrong. Merchandising 1, Humanity 0.

Today, hundreds of people are dead in Italy from an earthquake. Thousands upon thousands are now homeless. Contemplating the loss these people are enduring, it’s actually difficult to write about the usual trivial things I dwell upon. But tragedy has an enduring ability to highlight the asinine.

I am aware that there has been (from NASL days) a San Jose Earthquakes team almost as long as there has been a Slimbo. It’s just that if a Slimbo were a thing that caused widespread destruction and immeasurable misery, I’d change my damn name. That’s all.

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