Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taxes and Tea Parties

Well, tomorrow is tax day once again. I may be in the minority here, but I actually don’t mind paying taxes. In fact, I’m proud to. Way I see it, I’m proud to live in the greatest country on planet earth. Albeit, our country and its government are far from perfect, but America is the best deal out there, and dadgumit, it cost money to run a show this good.

Of course, right now Tea Party protests are being staged across the country. People who disagree with our nation’s stimulus recovery(1) efforts are now out in the streets protesting that their precious tax dollars must go towards getting our nation back on its feet. Goodness knows it’s their right to do so, and concerns over ballooning deficits are legitimate, but I suppose that when they start throwing the ‘tyranny’ word around, the wheels come off the wagon a bit.

Of course, I fully anticipate these rallies will simply morph into anti-evolution rants, or cries of ‘Barack is a secret Muslim Afro-Marxist(2)’. Let’s not forget that McCain-Palin tried the grass-roots approach with their town hall campaigning. I don’t know if you caught any of those meetings, but they all turned into one vitriolic redneck open-mike night after another. In the process, they handed Barack Obama a gift-wrapped election.

Now, let’s not forget we had plenty of left-wing wackos crying ‘tyranny’ during the Bush years. But although I sure wasn’t thrilled when my tax dollars were invisibly flushed into an avoidable war that’s irreparably damaged our international credibility… I never complained about having to pay those taxes…and was always proud to send them in.

(1) Oh, and by the way….it kinda, sorta, little-bit looks like the Stimulus is working…
(2) I get the term ‘Afro Marxist’ from Michael Savage. I’m not sure how an Afro Marxist differs from a regular Marxist. Perhaps the distinction is based purely on hairstyles. If that’s the case, I believe I’ve identified an Afro-Marxist below:

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