Thursday, May 14, 2009

Philadelphia Union

So allegedly, in 2010 we are to see the birth of Philadelphia’s own MLS team, the Union. Here we see their badge which carries an air of executive power to it. Parts of this make sense – there are the city colors blue and yellow, harkening back to the city’s Swedish roots. The 13 encircling stars are a nod to the city’s rich colonial past. Which I suppose also leads into the snake – don’t tread on me (or us).

So what happens when the New England Revolution meets the Philadelphia Union? It’s kind of a wet dream for soccer-loving history majors. The Revolution have men in colonial garb at their games. Will the Union follow suit? Will the opposing fans hash out their soccer differences in Federalism - States Rights showdowns?

In truth, I dream that America will have soccer rivalries that match the passion we see overseas and what better place for that than the Northeast Corridor that stretches from Philly Union through Red Bull New York then up to Boston’s New England Revolution? Two colonial bookends with an energy drink in between. Now that’s American!

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  1. Union town, union people, already aggrieved, skeptical before the evidence is introduced - my fellow Philadelphians, whether they know it or not, are born footie fans. The badge looks like it was designed by Frank Rizzo.