Thursday, May 7, 2009

What is evil?

I keep getting these overseas scam-emails - you know - if you send them one thousand dollars, they'll send you eight million. Well I took the latest one I got and I broke it up into modernist poetry:

It may interest you to hear
that I am a Man of peace
and I don't want problem
but I do not know how you will feel
about this
because you may have double mind.

But I am telling you
that this is real
and you are not going to regret
after doing this transaction with me

my branch
in which I am the manager
made three million
seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar
which my head office is not aware of and will never be aware of

Oh that stupid head office! You know there's a whole subculture of people here in the states who scam these guys - they scam the scammers. They pose as dumb American charities and then tell these yahoos that they'll give them cash, in person, if they'll come to pick up said money at a designated spot. Of course, said designated spot is someplace war-torn Chad. Then they toy these guys for weeks as these scammers sweat it out hoping to receive some bundle of cash that never arrives.

It's kind of brilliant..and evil.

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