Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well to all four of you who actually read this blog -

It may be hard to believe, but this is Post #100 for Slimbo's Shelf.

I wish I had something monumental to say but I don't. I wish I could say how a book deal is forthcoming, but it's not.

I wish I could say that Slimbo's Shelf has added something significant to some greater cultural discourse...but it hasn't.

Still though, it's got me writing. And you, dear reader have been along with me since I started.

So I thank you. Time is precious. And you spend it with me. I thank you.


In other news, my son and I played another game of baseball card simplified strat-o-matic. Got to say I am quite proud of tonight's line-up as extracted from my old baseball cards:

2B - Joe Morgan
OF - Darryl Boston (CHW)
OF - Jim Rice
OF - Oscar Gamble (CLE, spectacular afro)
1B - Ed Kranepool
C - Tony Pena (PIT)
3B - Graig Nettles (NYY)
SS - Ozzie Guillen (CHW)
P - Steve Carlton (PHI)


  1. If I had a Joe Morgan baseball card, I would burn it. Retention of any Morgan memorabilia only only encourages him to exaggerate the importance of his contribution to the game and bore us all with stories of his playing days. It would be far better if your son never heard the name.

  2. You know, I thought about this. One of the challenges of parenthood is to thwart the transference of your own predjudices - political, sports related or otherwise. Look at it this son flirts with Yankee devotion, for god's sake. I can only accept these things with the belief that he must choose his own path.

    But the lad is quite bright. I imagine that on his own, he will come to the full realization that Joe Morgan is a putz. I need not interfere.