Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LA Galaxy

When it was announced a few years ago that David Beckham was to come and play soccer for LA Galaxy, the team simultaneously revealed this new badge, replacing an earlier one that seemed lifted from an arena football league reject pile. This newer logo, and really the entire team name, appears to have been drawn from the imagination, not of a soccer fan, but rather from a Star Trek enthusiast living in his mother’s basement.

I wonder now, what badge they’ll adopt now that Beckham, surprising no one, has opted to leave after having had his fill of the sleepy experience that is Major League Soccer. I was thinking a regal intergalactic jackass might be appropriate.
But doesn’t the Galaxy have another mega-star?

Oh yes, Landon Donovan. Landon who? Yes, Landon Donovan the captain of your national team. He’s the quiet gentleman who’s opted for the sleepy confines of an MLS career having had his fill of the bruising intensity of Germany’s Bundesliga. I quote that California super-group, The Eagles when they sang, “Take it easy, take it easy…we may lose or we may win…”

Even with Beckham, this team did not make the playoffs last year. Apparently, management forgot that if players lacking talent receive one of Beckham’s magical free-kicks, you’re still not likely to score goals. And so far as Donovan goes, maybe Beckham’s enthusiasm brought down his mellow SoCal buzz – who knows. "I got me a peaceful easy feeling...."

It might be appropriate if the Beckham-less LA Galaxy should add “M” and “E” to their badge...or the jackass, as I noted earlier.

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