Thursday, July 2, 2009


It’s been a week now since I made my first visit to Citi Field so I reckon I should make a quick comment. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the universally recommended walk around the entire stadium. I could not reach The Shake Shack. The Pepsi Porch will have to wait until next time. The game I saw was Game 1 of the three game series against the Yankees (or, as I should properly phrase it – Game 1 of the Mets serving batting practice to the Yankees). Anyway, it was insanely crowded, made worse by a torrential rain storm that forced all attendees to pack into the tunnels. Walking around was simply not an option.

I suppose the night felt like being in an airport, a nice amenity-rich well serviced airport, in a nice clean city, populated by polite nice people. It just didn’t feel like New York.

When I was thirteen, my family moved to Memphis from New York. Due to the disparate scales of living standards, our modest average New York house was being replaced by a Southern behemoth house. My room doubled in size, we had a pool and now I had my own bathroom. Though lovely, I suppose it took time before the place felt like home.

Of course, my Citi Field transitional difficulties could just be my intransigent need to cling to the past…or the profoundly miserable results of that game. Say what you want but Shea Stadium had a grit in its discomforts, a grit that’s needed to endure a team such as this. Watching the Mets get slaughtered in this gorgeous billion dollar facility is like watching your best friend make a drunken ass of himself at a black tie function. And it just didn’t feel like New York.

But just as Memphis didn’t feel like New York, I eventually did learn to adjust to my new digs there. Kind of easy with the pool and all.

For further reading:

1. BTW – a big shout out to The Camacho Don for scoring the tix.
2. Gary Sheffield. That’s the answer to “what Met hit the first Met home run Slimbo saw at Citi Field? Answer to 'who else hit home runs in that game?': The entire Yankees team, bench and front office staff.
2a. It was nice to see the (new) big home run apple go up….though I do wish it were the old battered apple from Shea that’s been relegated to the tunnels.

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