Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chicago Fire

So here we are with The Chicago Fire’s badge. So what are we commemorating here? A Fire which decimated the City of Chicago or the brave men who fought it? Well…by the badge-like look of this badge, I assume the team is paying tribute to Chicago’s Bravest. (Again, like the San Jose Earthquakes, it seems weird to name a sports team after a life-taking disastrous event. Perhaps one could argue the name “Fire” is worse. Earthquakes are at least naturally occurring events, not spawned by the O’Leary’s cow).

The Fire is what Major League Soccer wants – a competitive team with feisty, moderately well-known players like Claudio Blanco and Brian McBride who play in a beautiful soccer-stadium that usually draws a good, raucous crowd.

But back to the O’Leary’s and their cow – it is alleged they fled Chicago post-fire. They are then said to have settled down south where apparently (if certain family folklore of one particular ex-girlfriend is to be believed), I dated one of their descendants. I’ve no clue of what became of the O’Leary cow. Now that I think about it, I would have put the cow on the badge. Just a thought.

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