Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Insomniac Movie Reviews - Part 2

Just recently saw Bruce Weber’s film Let’s Get Lost on Sundance. It was created just before Baker’s death. Aesthetically shot in grainy black and white, the film intermittently interviews friends, family and former loves while also following Baker as he performs in Europe.

Baker was a junkie till death and his battered skeletal appearance contrasts harshly when juxtapositoned with images of the uncommonly good looks of his youth. Chet’s ravaged face resembles a sunburned dust-bowl Okie. Amazingly, Baker’s trumpet playing and pondering, melancholic vocals endure as we watch clips of his European performances.

The film also gives voices to the ex-wives and children who were left in the dust of Chet Baker’s wandering career. All involved are treated empathetically, even Baker himself despite what at times seems to be his senseless path of destruction wrought by his ego and addiction.

If anything, this film reunites me with Baker’s music which will always be everything I look for in music: enchantment, searching, soothing and haunting.

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