Friday, September 18, 2009

Two Thoughts on Tea

I heard this wonderful piece on NPR about the Tea Exchange in Mombasa, Kenya. I had no idea that Kenya exports more black tea than any other nation. The exchange upon which it is traded has a timeless air of decorum and tradition owing to its East Africa colonial roots.


Switching gears towards the utter void of decorum, last weekend saw a large turnout in Washington D.C. due to the “Tea Party We Don’t Like Taxes or Government and Muslim Marxist Socialists Are Taking Over” thingy.

I have no problem when people voice their dissent about ballooning government deficits (or course…it would have been nice if they’d voiced similar outrage during the rapid government expansion from 2000-2008. But of course, during those years we were supposed to shut up, wear a flag pin and go shopping).

I guess I struggle with the whole concept behind this thing. I just think that if you’re holding up a sign calling for the abolishment of the IRS, in turn you should never do things like – I dunno - drive on an interstate. And while you’re at it, you should really take the magnetic ribbon off the Hummer that says you support the troops.

Check out some of these signs from the protest. Scary stuff.

Can we be honest here? When you’re claiming that the president is a Marxist Muslim, you’re not upset about healthcare reform are you? (Thank you Jimmy Carter for saying what needed to be said). And when you hold up a sign that says “We’re not armed…THIS TIME!” – you’re not looking to engage on a healthy debate, you’re looking to….well frankly, I don’t know what you’re doing.

My favorite tidbit from this aimless bag of unintelligible jackass? - Check out the guy holding the sign decrying President Obama for having “More Czars Than the Soviet Union”. (Pssst…the communist regime that established the Soviet Union killed the last czar so technically…the Soviet Union didn’t have any czars). Oh, those pesky books with their messy facts.

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