Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ghost Ships

These are a couple of pictures I snagged off of Bing Maps. I'm pretty sure if you click on these, a larger picture will come up.

I don't know the name of this ship (it looks like a ferry of some sort). It's located on the Delaware River in downtown Philadelphia, just north of where Spring Garden and Columbus meet. I saw this last weekend when I was dropping my wife off at a baby shower taking place in one of the brand new luxury towers incongruously placed right next to this relic. There's an interesting contrast in this shot - the looming tower of luxury starting to eclipse the decaying craft:

This second one is the late SS Aquarama, taken in Buffalo, probably around 2005. This vessel was a troop ship during WWII and then was converted into a cruiser on the Great Lakes. Click here to learn more about the late Aquarama (from Forgotten Buffalo).

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