Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Alright to Cry (thank you Rosey)

Have you ever seen former New York Giant / Los Angeles Ram great Rosey Grier singing ‘It’s Alright to Cry’ in the 1974 television special, Free to be…You and Me?

No? I suggest you do. I suggest you do so immediately. Really, I can’t recommend it enough.

Why did this television special come to be? Couldn't tell ya'. Much of television programming for children in the 1970’s seemed to acknowledge that we were all going through some sort of post-traumatic disorder. It’s okay…you can be you. You’ll get through this Just be you and I'll just be me.

Since rediscovering this clip, I can only say this - There's been an amorphous depressive existential malaise that's been following me since my early teens. I've tried to combat this through exercise or my career. No luck. Now though, I've added a new weapon to the war chest. To combat the blues, Rosy Grier's performance is now permanently bookmarked in my computer.
We should always be mindful of these beautiful lyrics:

It's alright to feel things
though the feelings may be strange
feelings such real things
and they change and change and change
(It's probably important to note that when Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated by Sirhan was Rosey Grier who, while working as an aid to the Kennedy'68 campaign, apprehended the assassin).

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