Sunday, December 27, 2009

Giants Stadium

Today is the last regular season game that the New York Giants are going to play at Giants Stadium. The way the season has been going, if they make the playoffs at all, I doubt they'd play any games at home. So today is it.

I spent perhaps too much time on this blog dwelling on the demise of Shea Stadium and when I did, I was too swayed by the voices who found it easy to trash Shea's ugliness and quickly sing Citi Field's praises. The truth is, that the new Meadowlands stadium, which will also house the New York Jets, embodies all that I've now come to dislike about Citi Field.

The beauty of Shea and Giants Stadium was in their egalitarian treatment of the fan. Whether you were a banker or a teacher, whether you were a conductor of a symphony or a subway, Shea treated everyone the same. The same holds true for Giants Stadium and unlike Shea's questionable viewing inconveniences, Giants Stadium was a wonderful place to see a game. I have sat in its best seats and I have sat in its worst seats. There is not one bad seat in the house.

Like Citi Field, this new stadium will feature dozens of segmented seating options. These are meant to cater to the corporate ticket holder who is most likely in attendance thanks to the large TARP-recipiant financial services firm that employs him. The common man who is looking to take his kid to a game has been left behind. Stadia now prioritize seating to accommodate sections with leather seats, a wait staff and sushi. Our grandfathers would laugh themselves silly at what we have become.

And of course there are the personal seat licenses. (For those of you who do not follow the NFL and the godless entity it's become, I ask you to sit down. In order to have the opportunity to purchase season tickets, fans must pay a personal seat license. Oh, it costs about $25,000.00 or so)

Goodbye old friend. You will be missed. I'd hoped I wouldn't have had to write such a bitter farewell.


  1. It was and always shall be Giants Stadium, which is also how I feel about the New Meadowlands. It really will be the Giants' turf as far as I'm concerned, which is just as well. But I cannot think of another modern football stadium that has housed as much sustained success for its team as Giants Stadium as had for Blue, except for Gillette Stadium, which is nowhere near as old and which, because of its concentrated level of pure evil, will someday collapse into the earth.

  2. Check out this picture of Swansea City's home grounds:

    Yeesh...I'll never complain about a stadium again.

    Agreed on all points, especially about the cauldron of evil that is Gillette. I fully expect Giselle to age into some sort of evil Cruella-type witch as the years go on. It complements my fantasy that Brady will begin to lapse into Howard Hughes-like madness. A boy can dream, you know.

    Really my biggest concern about the new stadium is that the 2007 SB win came at the cost of some Faustian bargain. This season certainly has borne the signs of such.