Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A word about the new Slimbo's Shelf banner...

You notice a new title for Slimbo's Shelf. This is a screen grab from Google Maps, taken on the corner of Winchester Road and Kirby Parkway in Memphis, Tennessee. I spend a lot of time on Google Map's street views in Memphis. I'm writing a novel about Memphis right now and when I get stalled (which is often), I go to Google's street views and essentially let my mind meander.

This view shocked me as the rather extraordinary statue you see on the right was not there when I lived there (granted that was almost two decades ago). This statue is on the grounds of an enormous arena of a mega-church. The statue is (from the photo) about sixty feet high. On the base of the statue an inscription reads: "America, turn back to God".

But does that mean you can still turn into the Shoney's across the street?

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