Thursday, January 28, 2010

The 2010 New York Mets

It appears as though the Mets have announced their 2010 rallying cry: "We believe in comebacks!" Okay...glad we cleared that up. I've never understood this - why the Mets need to reaffirm themselves as a product - does a baseball team really need to say it's the 'choice of a new generation' or 'we're there when you need us'? Baseball is not something plucked from a supermarket shelf and I resent that my team feels the need to brand itself.

I must say they don't brand themselves well. (Do you know one year, their slogan was "Show Up at Shea" - I love that. Show up. Just show up. You don't have to cheer. You don't have to buy anything. Just show up.)

Since I find "We Believe in Comebacks" below par, I've recommended a few new slogans for the 2010 season:

"The 2010 New York Mets - all right...we're going to give it another chance."

"The 2010 New York Mets - You're gonna come see us, right?"

"The 2010 New York Mets - We're Ike, You're Tina. What do you want?"

"The 2010 New York Mets - Look, it's only baseball...don't freak out so much!"

"The 2010 New York Mets - you know, we told Beltran NOT to do the surgery."

"The 2010 New York Mets - Doing anything? No? You can play if you want..."

"The 2010 New York Mets - No. Go ahead. Hit the concession stands....please...really."

"The 2010 New York Mets - Hey, why don't we just talk about how great Citi Field is...can we just do that...please?"

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  1. "The 2010 Mets - We'll try, but don't get your hopes up."