Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tea Party People, Unite!

In all fairness, I do believe that my grandchildren will open their history textbooks and read about the Tea Party movement that we're seeing today. I'll give them that credit. (BTW - a great article in the Times about it all). And when they do, they will read of the Tea Party's myopic exploits the same way we now view the 19th century's Know Nothing Party fiasco.

Last week, Ted Kennedy's senate seat went up for election and a republican won: former nude model, Scott Brown. Now it's important to note - when it seemed like Brown's victory was a lock, stocks for medical insurance companies and Wall Street stocks shot up. (See how that works folks? Funny, ain't it?).

So now it seems as though 2010 may bring some pretty significant changes. Unfortunately, the 2009 Democratic party, like the 2009 New York Giants, forgot to play defense and essentially let the opposing team run rampant.

If I were a betting man, I'd predict that health care reform won't pass. The GOP will clean up in the 2010 elections, packing congress with some more white guys who'll contribute no ideas - other than the "git that dadgum government out of folks' bidniz" mantra...which is what got us into this whole mess. After all - why do something, when we can do nothing? Why open our eyes to the fact that over 30 million Americans, working Americans, can't afford health care - when we can just sit back and further embolden health care corporations. That's the easy road.

(By the way - if you truly believe that Americans who can't afford health care are just lazy (an ideology that borrows from the Reagan-era welfare-queen mythology) check this out. You won't believe that this actually has to take place in America.).

President Barack Obama has been in office a year now. I'll be critical and say that maybe health care reform, though incredibly needed, should not have been his play book strategy on 1st down. But let's also be honest about something else. The vitriol against health care reform was and is derived from something else. Look at the nonsensical townhall smackdowns from the past year. These were filled with people who hadn't read a piece of legislation in their life, yet were appalled that no one was reading this one. Their "by-the-people for-the-people" civic conscientiousness is admirable but really could have come in handy when we had lousy WMD evidence jammed down our throats and as a result, went out and started killing people. Talk about death panels.

If Scott Brown's (did I mention, former nude model...are you listening McJesus rightwing crazy people?) victory had occurred somewhere other than Massachusetts, I'd just attribute it the blatant anti-intellectualism, anti-internationalism, anti-whatever that seems to endlessly float up from our culture's lowest common denominator.

But Massachusetts? Kennedyland? It's an important lesson to the Democrats. Control the message or the gnat-like attention span of the American voter will knock you out like James "Buster" Douglas.

After all - since we all believe America ends at the foot of our exurban driveways, since we all measure America's strength in terms of our own strength to purchase cheap crap made in China - we all know that 14 years of destructive economic policies should have been solved in twelve months time, right? Right? I mean c'mon, Barack!

(Did I mention that Scott Brown was once a nude model?)

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