Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Everyone's been aching to just hand over the gold to Canada in this Olympics. But I say don't count out Big Blue.

Now granted, Canada's team is essentially the best of the best of the NHL. But I still like Team USA. It's a bunch of scrappy young guys. And thirty years ago (eeh! was it really that long ago?), a scrappy bunch of underdogs shook the world.

I love Olympic Hockey - nothing's better than seeing the game played on that big ice. In 1992, I was in my sophomore year at Syracuse. My roommate and I bunkered into our dorm room for all the hockey games. Ted Donatti & Company got close, just short of a bronze. But I think of that great series every time I see USA hit the ice.

I'd also like to add that Team USA's sweater is awesome. Finally a traditional look!


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