Monday, March 15, 2010

Texas Fold'em

Well, it looks like the State of Texas is sending history another kill shot from its depository of Texas schoolbooks.

The Texas Board of Education has gone and changed the standards required for its textbooks. Why? Because liberals are undermining America and taking away our freedoms, of course.

So to help you understand these changes, Slimbo's Shelf has provided the following helpful guide with an additional rating scale so you can see what changes are mildly crazy, completely crazy and totally, utterly, mind-bogglingly batshit crazy.


  1. Not Texas Crazy, because Texas chooses to cast itself as a mosquito-ridden, superstitious backwater where "religious fundamentalism" is recast as "freedom of speech." Knock yourselves, out, Texans!

  2. They want to secede - to which I am reminded of what Bugs Bunny said when he sawed off Florida - "OK South America, take it away!"