Friday, March 12, 2010

White Sox players who look like Postal Workers

The White Sox have always been a team struggling with an identity crisis. Here we see a collection of players deep from the jungle of malaise that held this franchise hostage between the scandal of 1919 and the redemption of 2005. Look at these men. They seem resigned that whatever goodness life may bring is going to be a long ways off. The day-in and day-out grind of it all seems to be wearing them down, much like Chuck Bukowski's Hank Chinalski.

These are the faces of the Post Office. Until redemption comes, what will become of us?


  1. Lee Richard was behind the counter when I tried to buy stamps the other day. Rich Dotson thought it was a good union job. Now he isn't so sure. Fred Nichols will happily talk to you in the hot sun about his views on government. Dennis Lamp doesn't like your dog.

  2. I can think of numerous occassions when various Dennis Lamps have screamed at me about something I was doing wrong.