Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening Day

Today was Opening Day for the New York Mets season. In grand fashion, they throttled the Marlins 7-1.

In honor of this event, I'd like to submit this video for your viewing pleasure. This is a home video taken by a pair of Mets fans in 1982. The ten minute clip encapsulates their drive into Shea Stadium, shows some snippets of the game and then takes you to the wonderful world of the post-game parking lot. Try and get past the annoying narration because there are a few important things I want you to take note of here:

1. In the first few minutes, you're in the car with them going over the Whitestone bridge. Look at the cars. Listen to the radio. This is a wonderful time capsule.

2. At minute 2:23, they show you people brazenly breaking into Shea Stadium. The malaise of 1970's New York City hadn't quite worn off yet. In the world of Generalisimo Giuliani's New York, these men would have been shot on sight. (And then I ask you - which world is better?)

3. At minute 5:33 - yup, that's Pete Rose in his brief stint on the Phillies.

4. Minute 7:50 -Okay, so we're back outside the stadium after the game. One of the film's two narrators is giving an amateur post-game wrap-up. The camera pans out and you see a fan urinating against a fence. In the background you hear heckling and the Number 7 train. Just awesome!

5. Minute 8:20 - Our filmmakers are driving away now, but before they do, they capture the image of a group of young men trying to free a pickup truck from the mud. In the background you see Shea Stadium, newly stripped of its once-famous blue and orange panels. Over the radio, listen to that wonderful post-game music. Sure, those guys will free that vehicle from the mud, but then where do they go?

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