Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My World Cup Thoughts Thus Far

  1. The Vuvuzelas make me want to claw my brains out. Awful.
  2. Spain lost today to a defence-minded Swiss team. I love it. Just love it. I have to say that soccer and American Football are two sports where, dagnamit, defence alone can win you big games. (Uh, I play central defender Monday nights, in case you were wondering).
  3. So...USA-England. 1-1. Holy Crap! First off, I feel terrible for Mark Green. He's a good guy and he plays for West Ham United, which is essentially like playing in London's version of the Bronx. Good luck Mark. Nice knowing you.
  4. USA-England - not sure if anyone noticed this, but when the two teams came out for national anthems, they played God Save Our Queen first. All the England players stood apart from one another, hands behind their backs...just another day at the office. Because really - it wasn't USA-England that day. It was USA vs. Chelsea/Man Utd/Liverpool. When the Star Spangled Banner played, all the US players had their right hands over their hearts and their left hands on the right shoulder of the teammate to their left. It was beautiful (granted they all looked scared shitless, but I loved the show of camaraderie).
  5. This is a beautiful event and all America's media seem capable of offering is a pathetic, shameful and embarrassing anti-soccer venom. We have a group of guys busting their asses right now in the name of our nation. You don't have to love this sport, but every time some assclown journalist shits on soccer, usually some cheap attempt to appeal to that fat git-'er-done segment of America who couldn't run ten yards without heaving up giant chunks of deep-fried onion blossum , we are kicking these brave World Cup warriors squarely in the nuts...and they don't derserve that. America's media need to lead the charge in showing support for this crew and they have failed miserably. Wake up America! Anti-soccer malaise during this intense tournament is small-minded, isolationist bullshit!

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