Monday, August 23, 2010

Brother Steven

I received an invitation today for the 20th anniversary of my high school graduation. This blessed event is taking place in Memphis, Tennessee. Slimbo, being a New Yorker, will be unable to attend. But this invitation did conjure memories of the great Brother Steven, who I've represented here.

I feel this work's colors and tone are a bit too severe in light of the fact that I recall this man with great affection. He recognized an intelligence in me that rote suburban obedience had almost demolished. He taught English. And in his class I, for once, experienced the sensation of being able to work in a discourse of ideas. And I did this in a way that distinguished me from the rest of the mindless herd. For once I was no longer just that pathetic entity skulking in the shadows, hoping no one would fuck with him amid the gladitorian hallways of an all-boys Catholic school. He helped me see that I was better than all those bastards. He was a great teacher. And I'll never forget him.

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