Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lexington Avenue

I moved to New York City in 1994, when the city was in a massive state of social and economical metamorphosis. Now it is 2011, and New York, though it is the place of my birth, has become a foreign entity to me. This is what this blessed city does. It belongs to you for a very brief spell and then it is gone. The place I knew, the place where I dropped the anchor of my budding adulthood, is now unrecognizable. New York. 1994. I look for any artifacts available to replicate the experience of being 21 and free. And most often, nothing materializes to satiate this longing.

But there is YouTube. Yes, YouTube. I took the above image as a screen-grab from a home movie someone took of their trip to NY in 1992. So there it is. My longing is kept at bay via the archival efforts of another.

And based upon that I sketched / painted the below:

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  1. Do you think that your old street has been turned into row of expensive furniture boutiques with names like "Hive" and "Coven?"