Saturday, March 5, 2011

A New Antenna

This didn't work out so well. I've had some success improving my receiver by attaching some lengths of wire to the built in telescopic antenna. So I figure, more wire, better reception, right? Not quite.

Here in this picture you can see I have about 25 feet of 18 gauge stranded wire attached to the built-in antenna via an alligator clip. I then have the wire headed into a tree off my deck.

It all seemed like a good idea but I think it was too much to overload the small receiver (Grundig G8). Guess I'll have to buy a bigger receiver!!

Other recent shortwave listening highlights:
  • I mentioned bizarre weather reports on my last post that I was hearing at 3413kHz and 3484kHz. I've since learned these are aeronautical weather broadcasts from Shannon, Ireland and New York, respectively.
  • Last night at 3:05UTC, I was listening to two lunatics broadcasting at 3215kHz. Their show was essentially a long rant against Canada. Canada, really? Have insane radio hounds run out of things to hate that they have to go against Canada?
  • 3880-3880kHz - picked up Hams from Missouri and Colorado.
  • AM900 CHML - vintage radio broadcast.
  • 14280-14347kHz - another mystery. It's too garbled for me to make out but it sounds like broadcasters in dialogue, quickly, somewhat urgently responding back to one another. One kept repeating a phrase, almost in cadence. I'm stumped so drop me a comment if you have a clue.

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