Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Nice Shortwave Surprises

Since my last posts about shortwave radio, I've come across some nice surprises:

  • 3413 hHz / 3485 kHz - In my last post, I spoke of these frequencies as being enigmatic and mysterious. I've since learned that these are aeronautical weather reports broadcast from Shannon, Ireland (3413 kHz) and New York (3485 kHz).
  • 5050 kHz - WWRB (from Manchester, TN) - Saturday night seems to be when all the ultra right wing religious squakers take a break, perhaps gearing up for their Sunday jihad. So Saturday night, I happened upon some beautiful vintage bluegrass gospel music on WWRB. It was like a time capsule coming through the ether. I heard a wonderful rendition of Precious Lord, Lead Me Home (which by the way, I would like sung at my funeral, should anyone be keeping track).

  • 5755 kHz - WTWW from Lebanon, TN - again the Saturday night mellow existed here as well. Some slightly more contemporary religious music, but still very beautiful and non-pretentious.
  • AM 1120 - Picked up a broadcast of a hockey game - Buffalo Sabres vs. Edminton Oilers.
  • 7285 kHz - China Radio International - a young hip broadcast called Roundtable Discussion. The struggles of gentrification in urban areas and the suddenly unaffordable rents for ordinary working folk and young struggling workers. Gentrification in Beijing. They speak of it as though they'd just discovered an exotic animal in a rain forest. Welcome to capitalism, kids. I guess it ain't all Happy Meals and small business loans.

  • 9625 kHz - been picking this up in the early morning hours. CBC (Canadian) broadcast in Inuktitut coming from Sackville, New Brunswick. They almost sound Russian. I doubted my trusty frequency guide when it clued me into that this was CBC - then I heard the broadcaster give a weather report and I heard them say "minus 41".

  • AM 1260 - I think...I think...I may have picked up WDKN from Dickson, TN. That would be a pretty epic feat for a little Grundig G8.

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