Monday, September 5, 2011

Slimbo's Proust Update

Some time ago, I announced my intention to read every volume of Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time. I'm proud to say that unlike all my other endeavors in the arts, I have not given up on this one.

I decided to read Lost Time shortly after I gave up on my training for the NYC Half Marathon. Since then, it seems I've given up on a lot of things: drawing, writing fiction, painting. I find I'm unable to do anything anymore except cook meals, chase after my children and bide my time, laden with guilt, watching the years clip away amid the benevolent soul-crushing reality of office work.

But I'm still reading Proust.

And thus far, I've completed:

  1. Combray

  2. Swann in Love

  3. Place-Names: The Name

  4. At Mme Swann's

I am also keeping a journal of the most memorable quotes, which some time in the future, I'd like to chronicle further here, however I'll share just one.

Marcel, when pondering the death of his romance with Gilberte, the pretty young girl he saw through the Hawthorns at Combray who has now grown to into the young girl who torments his days in Paris, Marcel puts forth this wisdom encapsulating the quandary of being a teenager in love: "Because you are now in love with someone who will one day mean nothing to you, you refuse out of hand to meet someone who means nothing to you now, but whom you will one day come to love, someone whom you might have loved sooner if you had agreed to an earlier meeting, who might have curtailed your present sufferings (before replacing them, of course, with others)."

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  1. why "bide my time, laden with guilt" ???